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kemei km 500 8 in 1 rechargeable hair trimmer haircut set 4 adjustable limit combs 3mm 6mm 9mm 12mm shaver razor clipper купить по лучшей цене

This Electric Hair Trimmer contains 5 different cutting heads to satisfy your overall grooming needs, including hair clipper, shaver, nose trimmer, sideburn cutter and precision trimmer. Hair clipper Titanium alloy blade is sharp enough to cut your hair fast and safely. Equipped with two adjustable limit combs (3-15 mm and 18-30 mm) to control hair length. Shaver Ultra-thin shaving net and ultra-sharp blade brings excellent shaving experience. Adjustable sideburn cutter Equipped with one limit comb (2-8 mm) to trim your sideburn. Nose trimmer R rounded shape cuts your nose hair precisely. Precision trimmer Meet your personal haircut needs and create personalized haircut. Powerful motor Ensures every head runs at high speed. Long battery life Battery lasts about 8h on a full charge. Low noise design Ensures a quiet environment to bring a better grooming experience. Specifications Brand Kemei Model KM-8058 Gender Unisex Power Supply Rechargeable battery Product Size 15.8 x 4.5 cm Noise
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